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Hockey Rules & Umpiring

This page is aimed at helping all existing and potential members with issues regarding the rules of hockey, and umpiring in the Club. In all of these matters, the key contact is Sarah Chapman, the Club Disclipline Officer and National League Umpire - details opposite. Sarah is also a level 2 umpiring coach (indeed the lead umpiring coach for the East Region), so if you need help with coaching or advice to existing umpires, she'll be pleased to help.

Rules & Interpretation

As appropriate, any changes in the sport's rules or interpretations will either be listed here or a link through to the appropriate source will be stated.

New rules will impact on matches from the start of the  season in 2015.  Find out more here.

Rules books may be obtained from Sarah or downloaded from the FIH site. Contact Sarah if you have any queries on the rules and/or use the links at the right of the page for guidance on technical and interpretation issues.


The Club has adopted the England Hockey Code of Conduct & Ethics [2008] for behaviour, both on and off the pitch, towards fellow players, umpires, other officials and spectators. Both the South and East Umpiring sites have further information/guidance - in the Discipline Sections of their Web Handbooks; this guidance is also to be followed by Clubs in Kent. Keep an eye on the notice board in the clubhouse for printed copies of this information and new issues.

The award of any Red Cards or Matchday Misconduct Reports must be reported to Sarah immediately, for her to liaise with the County Discipline Officer. The Club monitors repeated Yellow Card offences - Captains are asked to report these to Sarah for recording.

Playing Code of Practice

The Club's philosophy relating to all playing issues is set out in the "Playing Code of Practice", which is accessed here:- code of conduct.


Players' reaction and discipline during matches are helped by everyone having a good knowledge of the rules and interpretations. Umpires are required to empathise with players and this should work both ways for the game to run smoothly. The following are excellent websites with information on hockey and umpiring:-

International Fed of Hockey
England Hockey
National Programme Umpires Assn
Southern Counties Umpires Assn
East Region Umpires Assn
Kent Umpires Assn

The Club has a number of qualified umpires, but could always do with more. New recruits are always welcome, and the Club will support individuals going on the relevant courses. So if you are interested in the umpiring of the sport, have reached the end of your playing days, or fancy umpiring as well as playing, please contact Sarah. Don't forget, though, after you do the umpiring coaching you must get experience - indeed the coaching is invalid until you do the commensurate match umpiring.

We also run young umpire courses too, with great support. Do notify Sarah of your child's interest.

Level 1 Umpiring Courses

Although a number of Club members are umpires, we do need to increase the numbers of those qualified.

Level 1 Umpiring courses have been run at the Club by Sarah Chapman. Sarah will run further ones subject to demand. If you are interested please contact Sarah to get on the list. (each course requires two weekday evenings)

Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman

Discipline Officer
01622 832963